The Checkup: The Surprising Food Swap That Could Ease Your Anxiety

Plus more reads for your midweek health check.

• We’re all aware that the foods we eat can impact how we feel physically and emotionally, right? But would you ever guess that eating more carbs and less protein could help ease your anxiety? That’s what healthy-eating pro Kimberly Snyder says. Interesting, huh?  [Well and Good]

• Any guesses on the top cities where residents exercise the most? LA or NYC are probably the most common guesses, but this nationwide survey proves neither coast is the numero uno in terms of having the highest exercise rate. Boulder and Fort Collins, Colorado rank first and second on the list while the Philadelphia-area ranks 138th. Womp, womp. [TIME]

Tahini can give you glowing skin, aid in digestion and it packs a plant-based protein-punch. Meaning:  Feel free to slather it on everything from pancakes to toast with reckless abandon.  [MindBodyGreen]

• Good news for all you fashion-focused vision-impaired folks out there: You’ll be able to score some flashy frames from Warby Parker with insurance in 2018. Our advice? Don’t lose or break your glasses until then. [Health]

• For all of my badass heavy-lifting ladies out there: I’m sure you can relate to these seven funny and gif-accompanied weight-lifting thoughts. Not listed: “No, sir, I don’t want to check you out on Instagram … ”  [Greatist]

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