The Checkup: The Brilliant Cooking Trick to Conquer Days Worth of Dinners at Once

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• There are some things in life that are just really, really difficult. To name a few: Not drunk-texting exes, leaving Whole Foods without at least seven things you actually didn’t need at all, and mastering the art of portion control. I can’t help you with those first two, but when it comes to mastering portion control — and squashing your overeating habits in the process — these muffin-tin dinner recipes, which are conveniently pre-portioned, should help. Bonus points: The cooking method knocks out a few days of dinners at once. [Self]

• $2,400: That’s the tear-inducing amount of money you’re spending on lunch if you opt for takeout every day. Hello, brown-bag inspiration. [Health]

• Contrary to popular belief, humans experience a whopping 27 types of emotions rather than just six, new research shows. [Futurity]

Pumpkin spice is here — and it’s everywhere. Including in your CVS cough drops. [Refinery29]

• Interesting! If acid reflux is an enemy you know all too well, new research shows the Mediterranean diet may be your BFF. [Well + Good]

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