The Checkup: The Breakout-Banishing Smoothie to Chug When Your Skin Has Turned on You

We feel your pain.

• As I type this, I am trying my best to not be distracted by the piercing sensation of a nagging pimple attempting to break into the world via the left side of my chin. So, I will be making this skin-clearing smoothie — loaded with the likes of turmeric, cilantro, ginger, collagen and more — the minute I can get my hands on a blender. If you’re dealing with pesky skin woes, you may want to follow suit. [MindBodyGreen]

• And speaking of smoothies: “I like that you only need one hand to drink them, so I can multitask and work on something else at the same time,” says SoulCycle CEO Melanie Whelan of smoothies in her Grub Street Diet diary. Efficient or just a sad way to eat lunch? We can’t decide. [Grub Street]

• Just a reminder: Money — as in dollar bills and the like — is really dirty. [TIME]

• As just about any city cyclist knows, finding bike parking in Center City on a weekday parallels the misery that is finding parking in Fishtown on a Friday night. But how many legitimate bike parking spots are there in Center City? Mark Dent of Billy Penn took to the pavement to find out — and it’s actually a pretty impressive number. [Billy Penn]

• Calling all Orange Is the New Black fans! Laverne Cox is the star of Beyoncé’s latest Ivy Park campaign. [Insert all the clapping emoji here.] [Well + Good]

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