The Checkup: The Gut-Friendly Ingredient That Totally Transforms a PB&J Sandwich

And more reads to keep you healthy and happy this week.

Miso: The unexpected (and gut-friendly! Heyyy, daily dose of skin-boosting fermented food!) ingredient to add to your PB&J sandwich.  [Bon Appétit]

• Because sometimes we need a little pro help: four simple things psychologists do every day to stay happy. [Health]

• Fact: You’re washing your face all wrong. Here’s how you can tell. [Women’s Health]

Fiber isn’t exactly a sexy word (anyone immediately think of Metamucil when they hear it?), but it is the key to getting your gut in tip-top shape. [Greatist]

• The all-important question: Is your post-work prosecco habit messing with your pearly whites? [New York Times]

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