The Checkup: How to Cleanse (Without Being Miserable)

And more healthy reads to bring you back from the holiday weekend.

• The word cleanse is pretty much always associated with deprivation: drink nothing but liquified kale, or cut all things sweet and good out of your life for weeks on end. Not exactly anyone’s idea of fun. But cutting out all things good isn’t necessarily the key to helping your body function more efficiently. Here, a rundown of ways to give your body’s detoxification powers a boost — from adding chicory to your morning coffee to upping your shut-eye — without making yourself totally miserable. [Bon Appétit]

• If you let your alarm go off for a good 33 minutes or so before you turn it off every morning, skipping your workout in the process, here’s some doctor-backed info that might change your ways: Morning workouts burn more fat than evening sweat sessions. [Well + Good]

• And speaking of burning fat, here are six out-there mountain climber variations that will help you burn more of it. [Women’s Health]

Making your bed is a teeny-tiny, two-second act that can make a BIG difference in your days. So tomorrow, my friend, make your bed. [New York Times]

• It’s a short week, which can make tackling all of your goals for the week seem pretty daunting. So maybe the answer, says an expert in the realm, is to be realistic and just strive to do less from the jump. [Fast Company]

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