The Checkup: This 2-Ingredient Sandwich Condiment Packs a Serious Protein Punch

And more healthy reads to send you into the weekend.

• For when you get tired of your worklunch go-tos (lookin’ at you, standing Sweetgreen order) it might be wise to dive in to the world of protein-packed and fiber-rich chickpeas. Here are five ways to utilize chickpeas in your weekly meal-prep sesh like never before. Our favorite on the list for a lunchtime makeover? Mash up some chickpeas and add a bit of avocado to make a creamy spread for a dreamy protein-filled addition to any sandwich. YUM. [Women’s Health]

Goop news: The Truth in Advertising, a consumer watchdog group, is the latest organization to file complaints against Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website for deceptive marketing, compiling a list of 50 (!) occurrences of Goop making false claims about products. Yikes. [The Cut]

• If you’re making your way to a cookout this weekend, or just grillin’ and chillin’ at home, think before you marinate your chicken in teriyaki sauce or throw some relish on your veggie dog — just a few squirts of certain condiments have a TONS of sugar. [Greatist]

• You know that feeling of “Um, am I crazy?” you get when you start talking to your furry companion? Ignore it. Science shows that talking to pets is great for our mental wellbeing. They provide the emotional support that you might not be getting from humans. [Well and Good]

• It can be a little difficult to find the perfect balance of not eating too much before a workout and not eating enough. Here are five signs you aren’t eating enough before you hit the gym. [SELF]

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