The Checkup: The Argument for Eating a Giant Breakfast

And more health-related tidbits to start your Tuesday right!

• You’ve likely heard that breakfast is a pretty important meal, but recent research suggests that you also might want to make it your biggest meal of the day. A recent review of the eating habits of 50,000 adults found that front-loading calories — so eating a large breakfast, a smaller lunch, and a light dinner — may be the best way to plan meals to jumpstart our metabolisms, control weight and prevent obesity. [The New York Times]

• Drama Alert! NYC-based cycling studio Rhythm Ryde has taken to responding to their negative Yelp reviews in a … let’s just say interesting way. As in, they’ve been calling out the negative reviewers and kind of berating them. [The Cut]

• Your beloved fitness tracker, the Fitbit, may be able to save your life someday by detecting an irregular heartbeat when there are no visible symptoms. Doctors in Camden were able to pinpoint when a patient’s heart rate became irregular by looking through the stats on his phone, and now the folks at Fitbit are trying to figure out how they can help in this way more often. [TIME]

• Traveling is one of the biggest reasons folks excuse themselves from their workout routines. But what if we were to say that there’s a way to workout while traveling (without having to go to an unfamiliar gym)? Enter this full-body car workout. [Men’s Health]

• An easy lunch salad that won’t get soggy? I bet you never thought you’d hear such beautiful words. This will come in super handy when those little salad dressing Tupperware containers that you buy fairly frequently seem to go missing all of the sudden. [Bon Appétit]

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