The Checkup: Google Wants to Help Save You From Miserable Seasonal Allergies

And more healthy reads to start your week!

• Google just teamed up with to launch a new feature that alerts you when common pollens (think: grass, ragweed, trees, and so on) are high in your ‘hood, which means — granted you know which pollens send your allergy symptoms through the roof — you can take the proper preventative measures to avoid turning into a sniffly, sneezy, red-eyed hot mess. Insert praise-hand emoji here. [Prevention]

• Oh, how moving in with your better half can change things — including your healthy-eating goals. [Bon Appétit]

• ER docs are gearing up for a busy day, during the solar eclipse. Our point: Make sure to protect your eyes, people! [Refinery29]

• This is useful: What a full day’s worth of meals not exceeding the recommended sugar intake actually looks like. (Hint: You’re probably going to rethink your lunch.)  [Greatist]

• Whatever you do, do not buy a counterfeit Kylie lip kit. Apparently, the field of counterfeit makeup is growing, and it’s resulting in all sorts of gnarly skin issues. Think: chemical burns. No, thanks. [Well + Good]

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