The Checkup: The Undercover Health Issue You Should Be Paying Attention To 

And more health-related headlines for your morning.

Loneliness: It’s not necessarily something we think about as related to health, but it is. And according to a recent review of studies from AARP, it’s a pretty big public health issue — a deadly one, at that — that we really need to start paying attention to. [Refinery29]

• Well, here’s something that may help you get over your fear of the dentist: New research found a link between inflammation in the mouth and cancer risk. Eek. [TIME]

• Is it the hard-to-grapple-with high cost of boutique fitness classes that actually makes you go to them? A gym member who never actually goes to his gym weighs in. [Wall Street Journal]

Confidence is key — here’s how to be confident, even when you’re feeling, um, the opposite. [Greatist]

Papa John’s is confused. They just released a gluten-free crust — but they warn anyone with a true gluten sensitivity not to trust their gluten-free crust. [Grub Street]

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