The Checkup: The Drink You Should Really Be Reaching for After Hard Workouts

And other health info to have on your radar.

• We all know water is key when it comes to post-workout hydration — but did you know milk can also be a good thing to reach for? Research shows that when it comes to rehydrating after a vigorous workout, milk outperforms usual go-tos like water, sports drinks, tea, and more. Interesting! [TIME]

• Inked up? Here’s the weird thing your cells do when you sweat if you’ve got a tattoo. [Well + Good]

• Whoa: Sperm counts in Western men may have decreased dramatically over the past 40 years, a new study shows. Like, by 50 percent. [Science of Us]

• Newsflash: You don’t need shipped-in superfoods to power your diet. Here are the locally grown swaps you can make for goods like acai and cacao. [Bon Appétit]

• Dreading waking up before the crack of dawn to beat the heat for your long-distance run? You might not have to. Here, the secrets to upping your heat tolerance during workouts. [Runner’s World]

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