Best of Philly: The Workouts We’re Obsessed With Right Now 

This year's "Best of Philly" issue is out now!

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It’s that time of year again, friends! Time for Philadelphia magazine’s “Best of Philly” issue featuring a whopping 295 new picks for everything from the best happy-hour scene in Philly (VERY important information) to the best unintimidating X-rated shop (hey, the more ya know, ya know?) to —drumroll, please — the best of the health and wellness world in Philly right now.

The issue is now out on newsstands and online, but we are giving you taste of what you’ll find inside below with five workouts in Philly that we are absolutely obsessed with right now. Read up, then go grab a copy of the issue so you can hunker down and read through the other 290 picks. (We won’t judge if you do so with a slice of pie from Pizzeria Beddia, made by the best new celeb chef himself.)

Best New Workout
The dim lighting and loud music at these sleek studios in Washington Square, Rittenhouse and Bryn Mawr serve a purpose: They hide the winces and grunts the Pilates-inspired workout—50 minutes on a giant resistance machine that burns the whole way through—provokes. The upside: You’ll leave with a newfound confidence to rock a crop top.

Best Reason to Work Out on a Friday Night 
Namaslay at Three Queens Yoga
This 90-minute yoga class, held on select Friday nights, serves up a sweaty practice with club-appropriate beats, making it the perfect pregame—or, for the less ambitious, substitute—for a night at the actual club.

Best Cardio Workout
Incline Running
Blaring beats, nightclub lighting, and coaches spouting inspirational mantras magically transform the world’s most dreaded running destination—the treadmill—into a delight.

Best Running Group
Chasing Trail
A jaunt with this all-paces-welcome trail-running group (they meet at Wissahickon’s Valley Green Inn at 8:30 a.m. on Sundays) squeezes in a hefty dose of nature, a calf-burning workout and a chance to make new friends, all before brunch.

Best Spin Studio
The closest thing we’ve ever felt to a runner’s high. (And OMG those showers.)

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