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2017 Best Reason to Work Out on a Friday Night

Namaslay at Three Queens Yoga

This 90-minute yoga class, held on select Friday nights, serves up a sweaty practice with club-appropriate beats, making it the perfect pregame—or, for the less ambitious, substitute—for a night at the actual club. View Profile »

410 Monroe Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-800-1993 | Website

2014 Best Yoga Class for the Cash-Strapped

Philly Yoga Factory

1520 Sansom Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

Thanks to Philly’s first donation-only yoga collective, you can enjoy savasana without stressing about your bank account—in a candlelit vinyasa class, no less. Read more »

2014 Best Virtual Yoga

Verge Yoga On Demand


Your yoga practice doesn’t have to take a vacation just because you do: All you need to get your downward dog on with this Wayne […] Read more »

2014 Best Virtual Yoga

Verge Yoga

250 West Lancaster Avenue, Wanye, PA Website

For those days when you’re just not going to make it to class, there’s this: a pay-for-access streaming online catalog of more than 40 different […] Read more »

2013 Best Yoga Class with a View

Rooftop Yoga with Nawrocki Fitness

1500 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

Turns out the view from the top—in this case, 45 stories above Center City, on the roof at 1500 Locust Apartments—is as good as they […] Read more »

2013 Best Yoga Class for Athletes

Verge Athlete at Verge Yoga

250 West Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, PA Website

Here’s your ticket to a less embarrassing round of golf with your boss: Former University of Pittsburgh baseball-player-turned-yogi Dan Williams can get your jump shot, […] Read more »