The Checkup: How a Dusty House Can Mess With Your Waistline (Nooooo!)

And other health news to kickstart your week.

• Turns out all that dust floating around your house isn’t just making you sneeze, it could also be messing with your waistline. A new study, published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, found that dust can promote fat cell growth. Blame it on endocrine-disrupting chemicals, like phthalates, that sneak into dust through consumer goods, messing with hormones. [Science Daily]

• Turns out the brains of yogis look a little different than the brains of those who don’t get their downward dog on. Here, the science behind how yoga improves memory[MindBodyGreen]

• There’s no question that a cup o’ joe can get you amped up for your workout, but different brews might be better than others. Read why cold brew is the best option for your pre-workout caffeine fix. [Men’s Journal]

• Remember playing Double Dutch during recess in elementary school? Well, turns out jumping rope has some major health benefits, including strengthening your bones. Guess it’s time to get back at it! [TIME]

• Here, yet ANOTHER reason to take the Mediterranean diet for a spin. [Well + Good]

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