The Checkup: The Daily Addiction to Ditch If You’re Trying to Lose Weight

Plus other helpful health tips.

• Checking your weight seven times a day — or even once a day — isn’t doing you any good or giving you an accurate read on your progress. But that doesn’t mean you should banish it forever. Here, find out how often you should really weigh yourself. Plus, learn how water weight, muscle weight, and fat all translate into the number on your scale.  [TIME]

• Long car rides are full of adventure, good playlists and, well, lots of snacking. But skip the fast-food drive-thru: Here are three healthy snacks to pack for your next summer road trip. [Bon Appétit]

• Sadly, science says it’s never efficient to walk and text — no matter how great of a multi-tasker you are. This is how much longer it takes you to cross the street when you’re texting. [Science of Us]

• Tried everything to get rid of belly fat? Here are easy kitchen and gym tweaks to get rid of that pesky pouch around your midsection. [PopSugar]

• Old age does not mean you need to ease up at the gym. Turns out, HIIT is great for all ages, according to new study. [The New York Times]

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