There’s a New Health-Focused Online Grocery Store Where Everything Costs $3

Calling all grocery-store haters.

If grocery shopping is one of your most dreaded adulting activities, a new online grocery store has just popped up in the market (har, har), and their way of doing things might just strike your fancy. San Francisco-based start-up Brandless, which launched on Tuesday, is an online grocery-shopping platform offering a wide variety of household and grocery products, most of which are organic, non-GMO, environmentally friendly and free of weird additives, and all of which ring in at $3.

Right now, the Brandless online shop offers only 115 products — including food and beauty, household and kitchen supplies — a number which is planned to double by September, the Wall Street Journal reports. But, keep in mind that Brandless certainly isn’t your one-stop shop. As of right now, the site only offers the dry-goods side of the grocery store — packaged and non-perishable items —which means no produce, meat, dairy or frozen foods. And, it’s worth noting that while everything from gluten-free mac and cheese to organic virgin coconut oil is $3, that blanket price doesn’t mean that shopping Brandless items is always cheaper — the best deals are dependent on what you’re buying. For example, $3 for a bag of organic and free-trade coffee is a pretty good deal. But $3 for peanut butter (plus shipping) is on the steep side.

You may be wondering, and rightfully so, why the creators of Brandless decided to price everything at $3. As Brandless co-founder Tina Sharkey said in a self-written article on Medium, “It is about the true democratization of goodness.” The company wants to provide better-quality products at an affordable price.

That said, it’s also worth noting that shipping adds to your checkout cost. In my mock checkout, there was only one shipping option, FedEx Ground, for $9 which estimates an arrival of between two to four days. But on your first order, shipping will only run you $3 with a special offer code. That price just might be worth it to skip the Trader Joe’s checkout line this week.

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