The Checkup: Wait — How Much Avocado Is TOO Much Avocado?

And more health updates for your weekend.

• Healthy fats have been getting lots of love lately — avocado toast is on just about every menu, and who doesn’t have, like, seven different nut butters in their pantry? But how much healthy fat is too much healthy fat? Turns out, according to experts, the number to stick to is about 70 grams per day. (Psst: An avocado takes up nearly half of that.) [Furthermore]

• If your weight-loss plan never seems to pan out, it might have something to do with your goal-setting strategy. Here, seven super-specific goals that might get you where you’d like to be when it comes to the scale. [Women’s Health]

Ab definition: It’s a lofty, hard-to-reach goal, but there are some techniques you can employ to get there. [SELF]

• Are you WAY too familiar with the post-lunch slump? Some brain-fogging foods might be to blame. Here are the five top culprits. [MindBodyGreen]

• Your morning bike commute through the city might not be quite as healthy as you think it is. A New York City bike commuter tracks air pollution levels on his route, and his findings are, um, concerning. [The New York Times]

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