The Checkup: 6 Healthy Foods That Are Sneakily Sabotaging Your Workouts

And more healthy reads for your morning.

• You might think you’re doing yourself a favor by loading up on a super-fiber-packed late lunch (hello, filling foods!) before hitting your after-work SoulCycle class, or by downing a LaCroix to hydrate leading up to a workout, but spoiler alert: You’re not. Here, six healthy foods and drinks that can totally screw with your workouts by causing bloat, energy slumps and more symptoms you definitely don’t want to hit you during a workout. [Men’s Health]

• Honesty is slowly becoming the best policy on social media, as opposed to the face-tuned, mind-boggling images we’ve been so used to for years. PRAISE THE LORD. [Well + Good]

• In tricks we didn’t know we needed but totally appreciate: How to pick a perfectly ripe peach every single time. [Women’s Health]

Natural deodorants are great in theory. But then … well, you try them. Here, one brave person tried — and worked out in — a bunch of different natural deodorants and ranked them, so you never have to be disappointed by your purchase again. [Greatist]

• Because it’s summer and we don’t want you to overheat: Rosé popsicles are a thing. [TIME]

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