The Checkup: The Secret to Getting Up the First Time Your Alarm Goes Off

And other reads to keep you healthy this weekend.


• If you’re one of those people who hits snooze at least twice before actually getting out of bed (who isn’t?), researchers might’ve found the cure for your morning-averse ways. A new study conducted at the University of California Berkeley’s Neuroeconomics Laboratory shows that a mindfulness practice called sequence framing could be the key to getting out of bed the first time your alarm goes off. [Real Simple]

• Sigh, Sweetgreen just raised their prices. But before you get too upset, here’s the reasoning behind the extra cents on your salad. [Well + Good]

• Yuck! flight attendants revealed some pretty, well, nasty secrets about airplanes. Here’s what they claim is the dirtiest spot on a plane. [Time]

• A high-protein diet could be backing you up. But it’s not the protein that’s causing your constipation. Here’s the low-down on why your protein goals might be giving you some bathroom troubles. [Women’s Health]

• Feeling like your workouts haven’t been up to par lately? Collagen, your go-to beauty supplement, might just be the key to getting your workout routine back on track and logging some killer sweat sessions. [mindbodygreen]

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