Make: The Noodle Bowl to End Your Healthy-Eating Rut

Move over, grilled chicken salads.

Rice Noodle Bowl | Photo by Becca Boyd

We all get in food ruts, and this can happen especially easily when healthy eating is your main objective. Grilled chicken breasts over salad greens is a wonderful standby, but we all know: It can get old fast. That’s where this noodle bowl comes in — it might be a bit outside of your comfort zone, but why not shake things up? A filling, warming bowl of fun-to-eat noodles and highly flavorful broth might be just what you need in these last days of spring.

You may see a few ingredients you don’t typically buy, but don’t worry, you’ll be making this again soon and can you use them again then.

Recipe: Rice Noodle Bowls with Bok Choy and Egg
Serves 4

4 eggs
6 oz. (about 3/4 of a box) stick rice noodles *
1 tbsp. olive oil
2 carrots, peeled and sliced
1 tbsp. minced garlic
1 tbsp. minced fresh ginger
1 bunch scallions, whites and green parts divided
1/4 c. sweet white miso paste
2 tbsp. hoisin sauce
2 tbsp. tamari or soy sauce
5 c. water
1/2 lb. baby bok choy, trimmed and chopped
Juice of 1 lime
1/3 c. toasted cashews
Sriracha, optional
*This can be made with traditional linguini. Cook 8 oz (half a box) as directed and add at the end.

1. Fill a large bowl with boiling water. Add noodles. Set aside.
2. Boil a small saucepan of water. Add eggs and reduce heat to low. Simmer 10 minutes. Transfer to bowl filled with ice water.
2. Meanwhile, heat a Dutch oven or soup pot over medium heat. Add oil, garlic, ginger, and white parts of scallions. Saute, stirring, occasionally, about two minutes.
3. Add carrots along with a big pinch of salt and pepper. Saute until softened, stirring occasionally.
4. Add miso, hoisin, tamari, and water. Stir to combine and turn heat to high. When mixture boils reduce heat to low and simmer for 8 minutes.
5. Add bok choy and simmer until tender, about 5 minutes.
6. Drain noodles and add to pot, along with lime juice. Taste for seasoning and add salt as necessary. Let simmer for several minutes to meld flavors.
7. Meanwhile, peel and slice eggs.
8. Ladle noodles into bowls and top with cashews, sliced eggs and the greens of the scallions. Add Sriracha if using. Serve immediately.


Becca Boyd is a wife and mom who creates healthy and delicious recipes in her West Chester kitchen. She blogs about them on her website, Home Beccanomics.

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