How to Win Your Weight in Beer

Hint: It involves running through Fairmount Park.

The folks over at the ODDyssey Half Marathon, a race known for its fun mid-race challenges and optional costumes, just spilled the beans on what the winner of this year’s costume contest will be getting. And it’s a pretttttty darn good prize, guys.

Drumroll, please: Whomever dons the very best costume, as chosen by the race organizers, will win their body weight in Flying Fish beer. Don’t worry, though: The race will deliver it to you so you and your just-ran-13.1-miles legs don’t have to carry it home.

If you’re wondering just how much beer that actually is (we were, too), the folks from ODDyssey tell us that the beer will be given to the winner in cases, and one case weighs 20 pounds. So that’s quite the prize. If you’re interested in throwing your hat in the ring, you can register for the June 11th race here.

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