The Checkup: The Unsettling Link Between Over-the-Counter Painkillers and Heart Attack Risk

And more healthy reads to know about now.

• Before you pop yet another ibuprofen for your never-ending headache, take note: A new study published in BMJ found that taking certain over-the-counter painkillers, like ibuprofen, naproxen and celecoxib, for days on end increased risk of heart attack by anywhere from 20 to 50 percent. [TIME]

Avocados are great and all, but only if you know how to cut ‘em. And turns out, a lot of people don’t. Cue many a hospital visit and something called “avocado hand.” [Jezebel]

• Just how organic is your milk, really? Turns out, it depends on where you’re getting it from. [NPR]

• People calling SoulCycle their “church” has really become quite a thing. [Well + Good]

• Sure, you hear the word antioxidant all the freakin’ time. But, um, what actually is an antioxidant, you ask? Here, all your questions answered. [MindBodyGreen]

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