The Checkup: This Food Pyramid Makes Mastering an Anti-Inflammatory Diet WAY Easier 

And more healthy reads worth bookmarking.


• I can’t go a single day without seeing the word anti-inflammatory more often than I see an enraged Facebook status about Donald Trump — which is reallllly often. And for good reason: Inflammation is linked to everything from acne to heart disease. Which is why this nutritionist-crafted anti-inflammatory foods pyramid is SO darn handy. Hint: kimchi is your friend. [Well + Good]

• Because you TOTALLY deserve a vacation: 17 wellness retreats — including a couple you could drive to! — to fuel your wanderlust. [Greatist]

• Working out on a Friday is a hard thing to convince oneself to do, so consider this ample workout motivation: A recent study found that the effects of your workout go beyond an hour of spin or barre, bleeding into your social and work life in a positive way. [Science of Us]

•  If you aren’t using the salt packet that comes with your Neti Pot, you are making a mistake. [The Atlantic]

• Detox, moderation and reduced: Those are just a few of the words these dietitians hate. [Women’s Health]

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