The New Dieting Savior You Need to Know About

Snap Kitchen just debuted a menu addition that makes dieting way less angst-inducing.

Snap Kitchen's Brisket Hash | Photo via Facebook

Snap Kitchen’s Brisket Hash | Photo via Facebook

GUYS. Snap Kitchen just launched what they’re calling Snap Day Packs, and they are the answer to all your dieting nightmares.

Here’s the deal: Snap Kitchen, which has nine Philly-area locations now, got fitness and healthy-eating pros — including Melissa Hartwig, the co-founder of the uber-popular Whole30 diet — to put together their ideal day of Snap Kitchen ready-to-eat meals for folks trying to stick to diets ranging from Whole30 (no easy feat) to Paleo to low-carb to vegetarian to vegan. Then, pros also put together Day Packs aimed at upping your beauty points (hello, Omega-3s), getting your gut in check, and packs for new moms (hello, most useful gift ever).

Each Day Pack, all between $28 and $39, features a full day’s worth of meals and snacks that fit into whatever diet you’re committed to or help get you get closer to a goal (read: perfect, glowing skin, please!). Meaning: If you’re doing Whole30 and forget to do, well, any meal prep on Sunday, you can just order the Whole30 Day Pack on Monday ($33 gets you beef sweet potato scramble and fresh fruit for breakfast, tex mex chicken bowl for lunch, and naked beef and garlic roasted cauliflower for dinner), and avoid a day of reading food labels and fearing you’ll have to start the whole thing over. Because that is, in fact, what happens when you accidentally screw up Whole30 — you have to start the whole 30 days over.

The Beauty Full Day Pack sounds like my jam, with $31 getting you a strawberry chocolate pistachio parfait, a super greens juice, a Mediterranean mezze bowl, a seed bar (these are the bomb dot com) and sweet chili glazed salmon for dinner. When you think about it, that rings in at around $10 a meal, which isn’t all that bad.

The Day Packs debuted at the Rittenhouse Snap Kitchen location, and are now available at select Snap Kitchen locations through Snap Kitchen’s app. And note: They’re running a special on delivery orders this week; you get free delivery on orders of $25 or more, within five miles of the store. So you don’t even need to leave your house to stick to your diet. Amen to that.

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