The Checkup: WTF Is a Microworkout? (And How to Do One) 

And more healthy reads to help you have a great Tuesday.

• This professor of kinesiology says the idea that we need to spend a ton of time at the gym to see results is BS. Instead, he’s a proponent of what he calls microworkouts, mini sweat sessions (they ring at around 10 minutes) that he says deliver big results. Here, how to get your microworkout on. [Health]

• And speaking of microworkouts, if your week is jam-packed (so jam-packed you don’t see a not-microworkout in your near future), these easy one-pan dinner recipes should come in handy. [Greatist]

• Be warned, Ed Sheeran lovers: All that delightful crooning could be inadvertently upping your daily calorie count, new research shows. [Well + Good]

Dandruff is not dry skin. We repeat: Dandruff is NOT dry skin — here’s what the culprit is. [Women’s Health]

• An interesting question: What do a president’s health and fitness habits (ahem, Trump) say about them? [The Atlantic]

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