The Checkup: Why You Should Open Your Curtains Right When You Wake Up 

And more healthy reads for your morning!

• You’re going to want to start raising your blinds first thing in the morning. Research shows, people who were exposed to sunlight in the early morning had lower BMIs than those who weren’t, probably thanks to sunlight giving the body’s internal clock (metabolism included) a kickstart. Here, four more morning habits to tweak for weight loss. [Prevention]

• Here, a former SoulCycle devotee lists all the reasons why she’s moved on to a new indoor cycling studio. [Business Insider]

• Well, this is a bit upsetting, fellas: A new study found that a grueling exercise regimen could be putting a damper on your sex life. [New York Times]

• Angelina Jolie says her kids “can eat a bag of crickets like a bag of chips.” Good for them for getting their protein, but I’ll be sticking with regular ol’ kettle-cooked potatoes, thank you very much. [Health]

• File this under Things We Didn’t Know We Should Be Thinking About: What kind of oats are the best kinds of oats when it comes to weight loss? [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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