The Checkup: All the Protein Mistakes You’re Making (And How to Fix Them)

And more healthy reads for your Wednesday!

Protein, much like Britney Spears or calculus, is complicated. You know you need it — but it turns out, many of us are consuming it in the wrong ways, like, for one, by downing way too much at once rather than spreading our servings out from breakfast through dinnertime. Here, six protein mistakes you’re probably making, plus how to correct them. [Women’s Health]

• Let me tell you a short story: Ivanka Trump books a Solidcore class under an alias. Solidcore founder does not appreciate the unexpected attendee, and let’s Facebook know. We all wonder, forever, if Ivanka Trump will be in our next Solidcore class. The end. [The Cut]

Adult swaddling: The new stress management? Maybe. [Men’s Health]

• Hey, runners: Physicists say doing this could make you run faster. [Huffington Post]

• Here, the science behind why a trip to Ikea with your significant other always ends in tears. (I knew it wasn’t just me.) [Science of Us]

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