The Philly Running Challenge We Hope Turns Into an Everyday Thing

Because who doesn't want to get a note that says "You're AWESOME" on mile five of a killer winter run?

One year when I was working as a waitress on Valentine’s Day, one of my tables noticed my stank face — I am not perpetually grumpy, but my face can make it seem like I am — and left me a note that said, and I quote, “It will get better.”

There was nothing wrong with my life. That note was the worst.

I tell this story as a warning to all the folks participating in Run215’s Valentine’s Day challenge, which they announced this morning on Facebook, to put a little more thought into your Valentine’s Day notes to strangers.

For Valentine’s Day, Run215 is challenging runners to make a bunch of heart-shaped notes with nice messages — think: “You are awesome!” “You are powerful!” “Have an amazing day!” — and pass them out to strangers on their runs today.

What do you get out of it, you ask? Well, as long as you don’t say “It will get better,” you will probably at least get a smile out of a stranger. After all, how happy would it make you if someone, during a cold winter run, passed you a note telling you that you are, in fact, amazing? Let me answer for you: It would make you VERY happy. Side note: Can we make this whole sweet-running-notes thing an everyday Philly practice?

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