Prepare for FOMO: Kevin Hart Spotted Working Out at This Philly Gym

Seems he's a member of the morning-workout camp.

Kevin Hart at City Fitness | Photo via Instagram

Kevin Hart at City Fitness | Photo via Instagram

If you didn’t know that comedian Kevin Hart, originally from Philly, has a serious side hustle going as a fitness superstar, then it’s time you take note: His Instagram account is a treasure trove of hilarious fitness inspiration; he’s put together 5Ks all over the country (including here in Philly!) as part of his Move with Hart collaboration with Nike; and he was recently featured on the cover of Runner’s World — because the dude LOVES to run.

So, long story short: Kevin Hart is on his fitness game. And yesterday, he got his sweat on at a gym that you may very well belong to. Yesterday morning, the folks from City Fitness posted an Instagram (see below) of Hart at their Graduate Hospital gym, thanking him for choosing to get his workout on with them. Got FOMO? Same.

We reached out to City Fitness’s marketing director Tom Wingert to see if we were to start working out at the Graduate Hospital location early in the morning, we might catch Hart (creepy? Yes. Yes, it is.). But, before you go changing your workout schedule to try and capture a sweaty selfie with him, Wingert tells us it was Hart’s first time working out with City Fitness. We’re not sure what he was doing in town, but it looks like he also went to a Sixers game. (Again, we’re creepy. We know.)

We’ll just be over here hoping he announces a pop-up 5K while he’s in our ‘hood. Are you listening, Kevin?

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