PSA: Kevin Hart’s Instagram Is a Goldmine of Hilarious Fitness Motivation

Photos via Instagram | Kevin Hart

Photos via Instagram | @kevinhart4real

The other day, I came across an Instagram video of Philly-raised comedian Kevin Hart jump-roping in a Rocky-esque grey sweatsuit while reciting a mini motivational speech — complete with rhymes, might I add — that ended with him saying, “That was some Muhammad Ali shhh … “ It was the perfect, not-too-serious, made-me-smile-and-then-want-to-lace-up-my-sneakers fitness motivation. So of course I went searching for more on his Instagram feed — and what I found was a goldmine, people.

Hart’s Instagram feed, which boasts a hefty 2,400 photos, is loaded with tons of fitness inspiration (see: these insane push-ups), plus plenty of videos of him behaving hilariously, as one would expect a comedian to do, in the gym (see: this dance video). And of course I had to share this discovery with the rest of you, because who couldn’t use a little fitness motivation (that isn’t just a photo of Megan Fox circa 2010 taped to your fridge), every now and then?

So, below, my five favorite — and trust me, it was hard to choose — fitness photos and videos from Kevin Hart’s Instagram. Get ready to smile/dust your sneakers off.

Gym flow motha fucka’s….. #HustleHart #HealthIsWealth #Motivation #Focused #GetHard #NowPlaying A video posted by kevinhart4real (@kevinhart4real) on

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