The Checkup: How to Trick Yourself Into Working Out More 

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• Fact: mind games are not just for Tinder. Sometimes, you’ve got to play them with yourself. Case in point: This science-backed trick to convince yourself to work out more. Simply put, it’s all about telling yourself before your workouts that working out leaves you feeling great — even if it really leaves you feeling like a soggy dishtowel. Fake it ’til you make it, you know? [Science of Us]

• And speaking of motivating yourself to work out more often, here’s another trick: Think about how you’ll feel in the first few minutes of the next day. If you hit the gym, you’ll probably feel great. If you skip out in favor of one too many cocktails at your favorite happy hour, not so much. [Runner’s World]

• Whoa: This 20-cent device — yes, 20 cents — could change the healthcare game in a big way. [Wired]

• Trying to slash pounds? Here are the first five things to cut from your diet, according to healthy-eating experts. [Women’s Health]

Unicorn lattes are a thing (and they’re pretty darn good for you). [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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