Which Philly Fitness Studios Make the Best Lithe Method Substitutes? 

Desperate Lithe addicts want to know.

A Be Well Philly Underground event at Lithe Method Old City | Photo by Susan Nam

A Be Well Philly Underground event at Lithe Method Old City | Photo by Susan Nam

When Lithe Method is described as a cult (like it was here), it’s not really an exaggeration: For years, fitness lovers in Philly have been obsessed with the Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting studios. So after Lithe Method unexpectedly shut its doors back in December, tons of diehard Lithers were left without their lifeblood.

As Boggi told Philly Mag’s Victor Fiorillo earlier this week about the Lithers who relied on her three studios for their fitness fix, “I feel bad for them. A lot of them are running around the city looking for a replacement. For a lot of them, in-home workouts just don’t work, so LB Active is not a good fit for them.” (For those who don’t know, LB Active is Boggi’s virtual workout platform that offers an at-home version of CCS. Read: a killer workout — trust me, I’ve tried it — done without Lithe Method’s signature resistance bands hanging from the ceiling.)

So former Lithers, we ask you this: In your hunt to find a replacement workout, what — in terms of both Philly fitness studios and specific workouts — has worked for you? Desperate workout-deprived people want to know — and you just might save a grieving Lithe addict a whole lot of fitness-research time by sharing what you’ve found to be the best Lithe Method substitutes, in terms of workouts or Philly-area fitness studios, here.

Now, ready, set, comment!

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