Lithe Method’s Lauren Boggi Just Launched a Virtual Workout Studio 

Lauren Boggi | Photo via Instagram.

Lauren Boggi | Photo via Instagram.

If you aren’t one of the 15,000 people following Lauren Boggi, the brain behind the fitness obsession that is Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting (CCS for short) and Philly-based fitness studio Lithe Method, on Instagram, you should be. Because if you were, you’d know that yesterday, she launched Lauren Boggi Active, a virtual workout platform that makes it possible to get your CCS on without ever leaving your living room. Insert the praise-hands emoji here.

Boggi’s been teasing the platform for the past few months with her oh-so-popular #LBActive Instagram challenges. Now, though, folks can a whole lot more than a 60-second fitness video: Lauren Boggi Active is home to on-demand CCS videos that you can download for $9.99 each and Studio LB, a virtual studio that gives members access to two new 45-minute workout videos, led by Boggi, each week. A Studio LB membership will run you $39.95 per month, but your first month is just $20.

If you’re wondering why Boggi isn’t using the Lithe Method name for the online platform, we were too — so we asked her, because we’re nosy like that. As she explained, “Lithe Method was never constructed to be a virtual workout; it’s our live, studio experience and the lifestyle around it … LB Active is another type of brand being powered by CCS. Like a pencil being used to write a novel or hold a bun.” So, in other words, with LB Active, Lithe-Method devotees can expect the same style of fitness they’re used to — CCS — but a different experience.

You can hop over here to learn more about LB Active. Be warned, though: The website will make you wish you were hanging out on a beach instead of in your grey cubicle. (You’ll see what I mean when you get there.)

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