The Checkup: The Problem With Eating Avocado Toast for Breakfast

And more healthy reads for your morning! (Don't worry: It's not all bad news!)

• According to dietitian Leslie Langevin, the ideal weight-loss breakfast includes protein, fiber and healthy fat. And avocado toast, my friends, doesn’t quite make the cut, since it’s lacking in the protein department. The nice thing is, it’s an easy fix: Throw a scrambled egg or some hemp seeds on top and you’ve got a bangin’ breakfast that your waistline will appreciate. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Here, Lithe Method’s Lauren Boggi explains why perfection isn’t her end-goal when it comes to fitness. [Shape]

Tough Mudder — as in the hardcore races that literally drag you through the mud — is expanding into the fitness-studio realm. [New York Business Journal]

•  The beloved Weavers Way Co-op, which has locations in Mouth Airy and Chestnut Hill, is one step closer to setting up shop in Ambler. [Philadelphia Business Journal]

• If you think you don’t have time to run — or squeeze in whatever type of exercise is important to you — you aren’t looking at your days through the right lens, time management expert Laura Vanderkam says. [Runner’s World]

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