The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Philly: Sip-Worthy Philly Soups Edition

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sip-worthy soups

Coconut Curry at Cheu Noodle Bar | Photo via Facebook

*Welcome to our occasional feature, The Best Thing I Ever Ate in Philly. We’re on a mission to find the most delicious, indulgent restaurant dishes for every kind of dieter—whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, raw and more. We’re all about occasional splurges, and that’s what this series is all about. We’ll talk to foodies to find out their favorite eats, but feel free to add yours in the comments. Bon appétit!

It may only be a relatively balmy 39 degrees outside right now, but when you get caught in an urban wind tunnel or your umbrella breaks mid-rainstorm, it can feel more like the Arctic Circle. The best way to combat that chilled-to-the-bone feeling? A nice, piping hot cup of soup. Is there anything more quintessentially winter than holding a bowl of soup between your thawing fingertips, delicious steam lazily wafting up towards your nose? Just thinking about it makes me want go ice skating in Dilworth Park — not because I particularly enjoy ice skating, but because I want that bring-me-back-to-life experience that only sip-worthy soups can deliver after being out in the cold for too long.

We asked some of our favorite (similarly soup-obsessed) Philly fitness folks to dish on their go-to, mouth-watering, sip-worthy soups around the city for the next time you’re craving a cup of comfort. Whether you’re sick in bed, just getting back from a cold day outside, or simply want to get into a hearty bowl of comfort, this sip-worthy soup list is for you.

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Courtney Ciallella of Four The Love Of Yoga
Best thing I ever ate: Split Pea Soup at Animo

“If you’re looking for a healthy soup, split pea from Animo Juice is your answer. This soup has been my absolute favorite since Animo opened. The flavors from all the vegetables blend together to make a perfectly creamy creation. The spice is always on point, you will not be disappointed. Oh, and it’s also vegan! Try all their soups. One is better then the next.”

Jennifer Clark of WholePhl
Best thing I ever ate: Coconut Curry Noodles at Cheu Noodle Bar

“I’m pretty obsessed with Cheu Noodle Bar’s Coconut Curry Ramen. The noodles are cool and all, but the broth is why I crave it. It warms your whole body, and the portion is huge — this is not a side dish soup, it’s the real deal. I add greens to it to up the healthy factor, but the spicy, creamy broth is just as perfect on its own.”

Jessica Baumgardner of Health Coach Philly
Best thing I ever ate: Butternut Squash Soup at Charlie was a sinner. 

“Soup is something I like to make myself because it’s one of the easiest food preparations, and I’m all about easy. If I’m going to get soup while I’m out, it’s got to be something I wouldn’t make at home. During the fall, I find butternut squash soup to be especially overplayed, but recently I ordered it from Charlie was a sinner and loved so much about it! The presentation was fun — it came out with all of the components like crispy mushroom, puffed grain, and dried mulberry in a bowl so you could see what you were working with — and then the puréed soup was poured over top. There was crunch, there was sweet, and it wasn’t overly filling so I could still enjoy more items on the menu.”

Emily Watson of Nourishing Matters
Best thing I ever ate: Stone Soup at High Street on Market

“The stone soup at High Street on Market is comfort in a bowl. Loaded with my favorite beans — black beans and hearty root vegetables — it’s rich, earthy, and stick-to-your-ribs good without weighing you down for the rest of the day. Soak up every last drop with their crave-worthy bread.”

Kate Van Horn of She Be Kale-In It
Best thing I ever ate: Tortilla Soup at Bar Bombón

“I absolutely love soups! I especially like spicy and hearty options like black bean, tortilla soup and vegetarian chili. That’s why my favorite soup in the city is at Bar Bombón. Their tortilla soup is the perfect level of spicy. It’s great for colder months, and it’s filling so I enjoy it for lunch! It helps that Bar Bombón has such a fun atmosphere and central location. The soup is topped with a bit of corn relish, queso fresco, and a some creamy avocado to mellow out the spice, which makes for great flavor pairings and presentation.”

Shoshana Katz of Body Cycle Studio
Best thing I Ever ate: Turkey Chili at Whole Foods 

“I LOVE the Turkey Chili with white beans from Whole foods. They have it in the prepared foods section. One container has about three servings in it. They changed the recipes last year and it totally bummed me out, but the original is back and better than ever: Low in fat, high in protein and totally filling! I add some avocado and some Food Should Taste Good sweet potato tortilla chips and it’s a totally delicious and satisfying meal.”

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