The Checkup: Why Fitness Fiends Will Soon Flock to Target for Fitness Clothes 

And more healthy reads for your Wednesday.

Target has teamed up with celebrity fitness trainer Anna Kaiser for a 16-piece fitness fashion line collaboration, to be released January 1st. And the pieces — think: lots of mesh cutouts — are super cute and all under 42 bucks. Yes, please! [Well +Good]

• A new study suggests that self-control (so, that thing you need to reach pretty much any goal, be it fitness, weight-related or something else) is essentially the same as simply having empathy for your future self. Interesting, eh? [The Atlantic]

How to get your boyfriend to work out (finally): Clue him into the fact that it’s good for his nether regions. [TIME]

• Yikes: A new study found that a whopping 99 percent of knockoff iPhone chargers are dangerous. Like could-electrocute-you dangerous. [Men’s Health]

Amazon is changing the grocery shopping game with stores that basically allow shoplifting. [Shape]

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