Cool! There’s an After-Hours Pop-Up Yoga Class at Reading Terminal Market

Picture this: It’s Wednesday, November 30th. You come home from a long, hectic workday looking for the perfect way to unwind. You turn on the TV and start clicking through the channels only to realize you really don’t feel like forcing yourself to watch yet another round of Jeopardy! You then go to the fridge for a glass of wine, knowing THIS will surely be the remedy to your woes, only to remember you and your best friend drank the entire box of Franzia during last weekend (then you begin to question why you still drink Franzia, even though you graduated from college three years ago).

Suddenly, you remember that you were reading Be Well Philly during your lunch break last week (we won’t tell your boss) and there just so happens to be a pop-up yoga event tonight at Reading Terminal Market. Insert you jumping for joy here.

Here’s the deal. Next Wednesday, once Reading Terminal Market shuts down, hgAthletics and PLUSgives (the newish Philly-based eco-friendly yoga mat company) will be hosting a BYO-mat pop-up yoga class at 7 p.m. Awesome, right? There’s a suggested donation of $15, all of which will go to MANNA, Women Against Abuse and Back on My Feet. You can RSVP here.

So, there you have it: What you’ll be doing next Wednesday instead of wallowing in hump day-induced self-pity.

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