The Checkup: Nutrition Pros’ Favorite Post-Workout Supermarket Snacks

And more healthy reads for your morning.

• You know when you hit Solidcore and then head to the supermarket, only to realize midway through shopping that you really need a post-workout snack? Like, nowwwwww. Well, that’s where this list of dietitian-approved post-workout snacks that you can find at just about any supermarket (and many corner stores!) comes in. [Self]

• Are bike lanes the most cost-effective way to positively impact healthy in cities? A new study performed by researchers at Columbia University says they just might be. [Fast Company]

• Raise your hand if you’re a neurotic human? (I just raised my hand and am currently giving you a virtual high five.) Here are some science-backed ways to deal with your neuroses that don’t include mentally beating yourself up. [Science of Us]

• You may think choosing your breakfast is the first decision you make when it comes to weight loss every morning, but turns out, there are a few other pre-breakfast habits that can make or break your weight loss goals. [Women’s Health]

• Here, what to drink if you want to get through the holidays with the help of an alcohol-induced buzz (no judgment here) without getting super bloated. [Well + Good]

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