Why People Are Burning Their New Balance Sneakers

Hint: It has to do with Trump.

After Trump was named president-elect, New Balance’s vice president of public affairs gave Trump a thumbs up of sorts — and many New Balance sneakers wearers are not happy about it.

As The Cut reports, Wall Street Street Journal reporter Sara Germano, who covers retail sports companies, tweeted out a quote from New Balance’s vice president of public affairs saying the Obama administration turned a “deaf ear” to them and they’ve got a feeling that things will move in the right direction with Trump in office. See the tweets below.

Word got to the followers of sneaker magazine SoleCollector, and people started setting fire to their New Balance sneakers and posting the process to social media. You can see a few tweets of people burning their New Balance’s below. But before you think about burning yours for the ‘Gram, note that some Twitter users are wondering why people don’t donate them instead. Clearly it does not have the same oomph, but it is something to think about.

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