The Checkup: The 4 Elements of a Hangover-Fighting Breakfast 

And more reads to help you survive this week.

• To help quell everyone’s post-election hangovers, the folks over at Science of Us put together a guide to surviving the workday with a hangover — and for many of us, that starts with a hangover-fighting breakfast. According to them, you’re going to want to reach for some eggs, which contain cysteine, a substance that helps us metabolize harmful chemicals (hi, alcohol), some vitamin C, which may help you process alcohol more efficiently, a banana to help with dehydration (thanks, potassium) and something carb-y to up your blood sugar. [Science of Us]

• Meet L-theanine, otherwise known as nature’s Xanax. (Because I don’t know about you, but I definitely need all the anxiety-reduction help I can get right now.) [Well + Good]

• Never — we repeat: NEVER — use the hotel ice bucket without putting the plastic bag in first. [Women’s Health]

• Planning on ordering in tonight? Take note of these pointers to win the Chinese takeout ordering game, health-wise. [Men’s Health]

• A happy-boost for your Thursday: 16 heart-opening yoga poses to boost your mood. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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