4 Philly Fitness Classes Where You Can Fully Express Your Rage

Who else feels like punching something?

If you, like me, are essentially one big ball of rage speckled with disappointment and sadness today, we suggest you pencil one of these fitness classes — most of which involve punching things — into your schedule, stat.

Kickboxing at CKO Kickboxing
1616 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse.
If the only thing that will make you feel even remotely calm is punching and kicking something — anything! — over and over and over again (I’m with you), head to Rittenhouse’s CKO Kickboxing where you’ll do just that for a full hour, no judgment. See the class schedule here.

The Explicit BCS Ride at Body Cycle Studio
1923 Chestnut Street, Rittenhouse.
If “Scream ALL the expletives” was the first thing written on your to-do list today (again, I’m with you), pencil Body Cycle Studio’s Explicit ride — where you sweat your face off while pedaling to blaring, unedited hip-hop music — into your calendar for an expletive-filled ride that will leave you all cursed out and way too beat to feel anything besides exhausted. You’ll have to wait until Friday, but it will be well worth it, I promise. (And until then, you can always scream expletives into a pillow.) See the class schedule here.

Pedal + Punch at FUEL Cycle Fitness 
53 Rittenhouse Place, Ardmore.
For those of us who definitely want to punch things, but not for an entire hour, this indoor cycling and boxing combo — first you pedal away in a high-intensity 30-minute cycling class, then you punch away in a calorie-blasting 30-minute boxing class — is the perfect fit. See the class schedule here.

Boxing Fitness at Joltin’ Jabs 
4303 Main Street, Manayunk and 201 South Camac Street, 4th floor, Midtown Village.
During this workout, recently dubbed the best boxing fitness workout in America by Self, you’ll get to, yes, punch and kick yourself silly — but you’ll also be pushed to your limits by owner Joey DeMalavez with moves like bear crawls, push-ups and more. Prepare to walk out with temporarily tempered rage levels and very sore shoulders. See the class schedule here.

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