The Checkup: This Is Exactly How Much Fiber You Need Every Day

Sure, it's not the sexiest ingredient — but it's a bloat-banishing superstar.

• If you’re looking to lose weight or banish bloat, you should probably start upping your fiber intake, registered dietitian Keri Fans says. The nutrient keeps you full and helps keep your digestive system in tip-top shape, but most of us don’t get enough. If you don’t know what enough is, that’s around 25 to 30 grams of fiber a day (or at least eight grams per meal) for the average woman, and you’re better off getting that through whole foods, like apples, pears and avocados (half of one boasts about six grams!). [Women’s Health]

• Turns out, becoming a fan of the early-bird dinner special — we’re talking 2 p.m. early — could help you burn more fat. [TIME]

• Spoiler: Trader Joe’s employees might not be so cheerful after all. [New York Times]

• Fact: Your abs need some TLC. That’s where the oblique wheel comes in. [Men’s Health]

• Stressed about the election? (Who isn’t?) If the answer is yes, then don’t you dare obsessively check the polls today. Just don’t — it will only up your anxiety. [Greatist]

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