Is This Giant Early-Morning Yoga/Dance Party Coming to Philly?

If you want it to, it seems the answer is yes. 

Daybreak Seattle | Photo via Facebook

Daybreaker Seattle | Photo via Facebook

Fact: Sober dancing is not for everyone. I get it. But if you are one of the brave yoga-loving souls who isn’t afraid to get your booty pop on without a few pre-booty popping beers, then you’re going to want to go here to tell the folks at Daybreaker that you really (really, really, REALLY) want them to bring one of their early-morning yoga-and-dance parties to Philly.

To answer your first question of “What the heck is Daybreaker?” Daybreaker is a group that hosts what look like pretty darn awesome dance parties with a wellness angle all around the globe. Their signature party is an early-morning dance party that starts of with a giant “deep house” yoga class followed by a few hours of you dancing your face off — with complimentary cold-pressed juices and almond-milk coffee (!!) for you to rehydrate with — for a few hours. Then, before you head out, everyone sets their intentions for the day. Yep, sounds like the dream, I know. Based on looking at the prices for other cities, it looks like tickets usually run between $25 and $35.

They’ve hosted events in cities like Boston, New York and Seattle, with upcoming events slated for Chicago, D.C. and more. And — drumroll, please — their website says that they have a Philadelphia event “coming soon!” (There’s no date included.) But in order to make that happen, 1,000 of us yoga-loving, dance-loving, juice-loving Philadelphians (I know there are plenty of us) need to let them know that, yes, we do want them to come here. You can do that here.

We’ll just be over here practicing our sober booty-popping moves.

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