The Checkup: The Nutrient You’re Probably (Definitely) Not Getting Enough Of 

And more healthy reads for your morning!

• Yikes: A recent study of over 16,000 Americans found that a whopping 94 percent of women aren’t getting enough choline, a nutrient that impacts everything from brain cell communication to heart function. If you’re looking to start upping the amount of choline you get in your diet, eggs — with the yolk! — are a good place to start. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Well, this is upsetting: A huge percentage of Americans don’t use all their vacation days — and a big reason for skipping out is because they don’t want to come back to a giant pile of work. I repeat: Upsetting. [Science of Us]

• Looking to up your focus — without a prescription? Here, a doc outlines five natural ways to boost focus. [Well + Good]

• Uh-oh: A new study found you may want to skip your workout if you’re feeling upset — for your heart’s sake. [Shape]

• If you’ve already started compiling your Christmas list (just us?), take note: 10 gym bags for every type of gym rat. [Refinery29]

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