The Checkup: The German Lunch Habit You Should Take Up Today

And more reads to keep you healthy today.

• If you can already taste your sad, miserable desk lunch, we’re here to intervene with a suggestion: Take up the German lunch ritual of stepping away from your desk — even so far away as outdoors! — to eat your lunch while talking about things totally unrelated to work with co-workers. You know, for your mental health. [Science of Us]

Tomato sushi rolls are the new — sustainable! — tuna sushi rolls. [Well + Good]

• There is no pain like period cramps. (Dudes, you will never know how truly lucky you are to go without.) But a new study finds yoga could be the ibuprofen-free fix. [Women’s Health]

• What with all the breezes and falling leaves, is there any better walking season than fall? No. The answer is no. Here, non-sneaker shoes that can handle your long walk into the office. [Shape]

• Soup season is a comin’! Here, five DIY ramen cup recipes to try this cold-weather season. [Prevention]

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