This Center City Studio Is a Secret Gold Mine of Wallet-Friendly Yoga Classes

Maha Yoga just updated their schedule to include at least three under-$10 classes every day.

You know when it’s a week from pay day and you’re asking yourself whether you should drop $23 on a yoga class or drop $20 on tokens to get to work for the next four days? And your choices are yoga one day or walking three miles to and from work for the next week so, naturally, tokens win? If your answer to this question is yes, I am so with you. (And if your answer is no because you’re one of those responsible humans who actually sticks to their budget each week, teach me your ways.) For those days when your wallet is looking a little slim — and every day, really — you’re going to want to take note of Maha Yoga’s recently expanded offerings of $10-and-under yoga classes.

Until recently, Rittenhouse’s Maha offered around two yoga classes for under $10 every day, but now that number has shot up, with the studio offering up to four yoga classes at $10 or less every single day. Awesome, we know.

As Maha’s marketing director Carly Markowitz tells us, “We went through our community feedback and that combined with our passion to make yoga accessible for everyone is the reason we decided to offer more Yogahour and community classes. We feel strongly that if you want to practice yoga, you should be able to regardless of your economic situation and Maha continues to offer top quality yoga instruction in a safe, welcoming, judgement-free space. “

The studio’s Yogahour classes, which they sometimes offer twice a day, are just $8 and their community classes are donation-based with a suggested donation of at least $5. You can see the studio’s full schedule here.

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