The Checkup: The Skin-Clearing Drink Your Fridge Should Be Stocked With

And more healthy reads for your day.

Kombucha. It’s all the rage — taking over the drink section at Whole Foods, on tap at your local watering hole, and even in cocktails. And reaching for a bottle of the fermented drink isn’t just oh so Gwyneth Paltrow of you, it’s also good for your skin. Long story short, when your digestive tract is happy, so is your face. [Health]

• If you walk everywhere (gotta get those 10,000 steps in!), you’ll be pleased to know that dressing up sneakers is very in right now. Meaning: You can stroll into your office in a Vans-and-dress combo sans shame. Insert all the praise-hands emoji here. [Self]

• The new trend in fitness studios? Fitness studios for your face. Really. [Well + Good]

• In true Kardashian style, Blac Chyna recently said she plans to eat her placenta when she gives birth — but research shows it might not be worth it. (Here’s to hoping you’re reading this, Chyna.) [Refinery29]

• Prepare to be filled with regret: A new study out of Rutgers has debunked the five-second rule theory. [New York Times]

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