The Checkup: How to Make the Perfect Omelet — Without Having to Wash ANY Dishes After

And more healthy reads for your weekend.

• I hate nothing more than scraping burnt egg bits off of a pan. Which is why I was flabbergasted to learn I never have to do that again — but I can still have ALL the omelets I want. The trick? Cook the omelet in a plastic bag. Sounds weird, I know, but you’ll understand after watching PureWOW’s tutorial. [PureWOW]

• Yes: You do need protein. But you’re probably trying to pack way more than your body can actually process into one meal. [Women’s Health]

• Even if you can’t make it to the gym this weekend, you can still get this abs-shredding plank variation in. Hey, it’s something! [Men’s Health]

• Let’s talk about bidets: They’re coming to the US in a big way. [Well + Good]

• A little something to keep in mind when you go out this weekend. How tipsy you think you are depends on how tipsy your friends are, a new study shows. [Science of Us]

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