The Checkup: The Ingredient Swap to Instantly Upgrade Your Lunch Salads

And more healthy reads for your morning.

• Forking the same ol’ spinach salad into your mouth day after day after day can eat away at your soul. So if you’ve been doing just that since Myspace mattered, it’s time to switch it up: Take note of these six little-used vitamin-packed greens, from sorrel to baby Swiss chard to dandelion greens, that will spice up your salad game, stat. [Shape]

• Here, the tricks sports psychologists use to keep themselves motivated. Because it’s Thursday and we all need some extra motivation to keep us from skipping our post-work workout in favor of a Thirsty Thursday happy hour, right? [Men’s Health]

• Your new favorite source of probiotics? Mango it is, says a new study. [Well + Good]

• Fact: Running doesn’t have to suck. Here, ways to make your runs suck less. [Self]

• Womp, womp: Gatorade’s new organic sports drink isn’t exactly healthy, dietitians say. [NPR]

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