The Checkup: Why You Should Order a Fancy Cocktail Tonight — For Your Waistline

And more healthy reads for your morning.

One weekend habit that could help you shed pounds? When you head out for drinks after work with friends (because it’s the freakin’ weekend!), treat yourself to a fancy cocktail instead of a cheap happy hour deal. It’s simple math: If you’re sticking to a budget, you’ll probably indulge in just one instead of overdoing it on the cheap stuff, lowering your calorie count in the process. [Women’s Health]

• Prepare to roll your eyes: Limited edition wellness drinks are a thing now. In fact, Suja just came out with a limited edition activated charcoal concoction today. [Well + Good]

• Rosemary, sage and sex: The keys to living ’til 100? [The Daily Beast]

• Your obsession with self-diagnosing yourself on Google is ruining doctors’ lives. So stop. For your sanity and theirs. [Science of Us]

• A question we never thought would come: Have we reached peak Whole Foods? (For the love of kombucha variety, say no.) [Grub Street]

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