The Checkup: The Unexpected Everyday Habits That Are Making You Bloated

And more healthy reads for your Tuesday.

• Plan on eating a salad for lunch paired with a can of sparkling water sipped through a straw? Well, if that salad has broccoli or Brussels sprouts in it, be prepared for some post-lunch bloat. Turns out we don’t have the enzyme to break those guys down well. And you may want to lose the carbonation and the straw — both of those are bloat culprits, too. Here, everything you need to know about bloating, including the unexpected everyday habits that cause it and how to best deal with it. [Women’s Health]

• ‘Tis race-training season! And if you’ve got a few races on your roster this fall, consider this advice from seasoned runners pre-run required reading. [Well + Good]

• Adios, antibacterial soaps! The F.D.A. just gave soaps that contain certain controversial antibacterial chemicals the boot. [New York Times]

Batch cooking: If you’re not doing it, you should be. [Washington Post]

• Thanks to the holiday that gave many of us the day off yesterday, this Tuesday is basically a Monday — a more time-crunched Monday since we’ve all already lost a day of the week. If you’re already stressing about how you’re going to get everything done before Friday, here’s one thing you should most certainly do: Make a to-do list. Even if you don’t finish everything on it, it will free up some much needed space in your brain. [Fast Company]

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